Hike the Riesling Trail

The Riesling Trail is a picturesque walking and cycling trail located in the Clare Valley, South Australia, renowned for its stunning landscapes, historic sites, and, of course, its vineyards and wineries. The trail is named after the region’s famous Riesling wines and offers a fantastic way to explore the valley’s natural beauty and viticulture.


Key Highlights of the Riesling Trail

  1. Scenic Beauty:
    • The trail meanders through rolling hills, lush vineyards, and charming rural landscapes.
    • There are numerous opportunities to see native wildlife and colorful wildflowers, especially in spring.
  2. Wineries and Cellar Doors:
    • The Riesling Trail provides access to over 30 wineries, many of which have cellar doors offering tastings and sales.
    • Notable wineries along the trail include Sevenhill Cellars, Pikes Wines, and Skillogalee.
  3. Historical Sites:
    • Discover historical landmarks such as the Sevenhill Jesuit Monastery and Winery, established in 1851.
    • Heritage-listed railway stations and old stone buildings add a historical dimension to the hike.

The Riesling Trail in Clare Valley offers an enriching experience that combines natural beauty, historical exploration, and culinary delights. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a casual walker, or a wine enthusiast, the trail provides a perfect backdrop for a memorable adventure.

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