Clare Valley Wine

Skillogalee Vineyards in the Skilly Valley

The Clare Valley region produces 1% of Australia’s wine yet is responsible for over 5% of the awards, we are a Premium Region focussed on the highest quality wine.

Located 130km north of Adelaide, during the summer months we have a relatively warm continental climate. At night, however, temperatures can plummet, and this large diurnal variation, along with elevation and cooling afternoon breezes, results in a long ripening season and helps create excellent conditions for producing top quality wines.

Whilst famous for our Riesling, this is just one of the many varieties produced and high quality Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon rival the best from our close neighbours the Barossa and McLaren Vale.

With many wineries now experimenting with other varieties like Fiano, Nera De Vola, Dolchetta, Grenache & Viognier – just to name a few.

With around 35 wineries and 25 cellar doors we don’t get to sample it all on our walking tours, however we have selected some of the best wineries to visit and some of the best wine to enjoy with our Lodge meals.

Wine On Tour

Whilst wine can form an integral part of your experience in the Clare Valley, it is not for everyone and the region, the walking and the food is spectacular whether you sample the wine or not.

When wine is consumed, it is only consumed once the walking for the day is completed.

During our walking tours wine is offered with each restaurant lunch, plus we offer wine with our evening meals which are generally served in the lodge.

On our 3 and 5 day tours we also have a local winemaker do a private tasting in the Lodge with our guests, providing plenty of insight into the intrices of the region and what makes us stand apart from the rest.

Whilst it can vary, normally we offer wine from;

  • Jeannerett Wines
  • Mitchell Wines
  • Skillogalee
  • Penna Lane
  • Pauletts
  • Hill River Clare Estate
  • Sussex Squire
  • Sevenhill Cellars
  • Pikes
  • Jim Barry Wines